As a strategic interventionist, I explore the "what" (the presenting problem or issue) by digging deeply into the "why," "when," "how" and "because of." Most struggles are rooted in the same problem -- our inability to connect with our higher self and break old patterns. By taking the time to deeply understand a person from every angle, I can find the cause of, and solution to, most struggles. 

Common Areas for Strategic Intervention:

  • Life
    • Transitions
    • Stress
    • Divorce​
    • Parenting
    • ​Grief

  • Wellness
    • Health Issues
    • Weight Issues
    • Eating Disorders
    • Anxiety Issues
    • Addiction Recovery
  • Relationships/Marriage
    • Conflict
    • Intimacy
    • Trust/Affairs
    • Premarital Coaching

Understanding, Then on to solutions...

How I can help

  • Career
    • Development
    • Change
    • Fulfillment
    • Workplace Relationships
    • Success
  • Overall Happiness
    • Depression Recovery
    • Alleviating Fear/Anxiety
    • Spiritual Development
    • Feeling Stuck or Down