There are times in all our lives when we feel overwhelmed, stuck, afraid of change, or unable to cope. These are often times of transitions – a move or career change, a new relationship or marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or a death in the family. Other times we can’t pinpoint the reason for our stress or unhappiness. Whatever the issue, these are the times that having an expert on navigating or initiating change can help.

In our work together, you will feel supported and you will immediately have an ally. I’ll help you understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling – whether that be fear, sadness, overwhelm, or confusion. We will talk about how you are currently coping with your situation, what areas of your life are being affected, what relationships are being affected, and what resources are lacking. We will determine which of your needs are being met and, more importantly, which needs are not being met. We’ll then find strategies to help you get over your hurdles, feel more secure, take better care of yourself, and find more fulfillment in life. We will always add to your life before trying to take anything away, and the changes you make will never feel like a loss – they will feel like victory.

Remember, change can be difficult, but staying stuck is far more difficult. As we work together, you will find new strength. You will grow as a person. You will understand yourself and others better. And you will learn to contribute more to your relationships and to your world. ​

How I can help

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