Some examples...


"Renee is one of the most compassionate people I've ever spoken to. She gets it. She understands, and you immediately feel that. But working with her isn't like just talking to a friend. That's too easy. She challenged me and made me look at things differently. She didn't let me wallow in my own 'stories.' She made me change the voice in my head. She challenged me to hold myself differently, change my posture, change my focus, deal with people more directly, and look at situations and people from a different perspective."

"Working with Renee is like a 'workout' -- you're working, digging, figuring things out, and then you walk away feeling invigorated and hopeful. Her approach is unique, funny, and sometimes crazy, but then you look back and think, 'ahhhh, I get it.'" ​​

My clients come from just about every walk and stage of life, and from all over the country. They are busy professionals,  stay-at-home moms, senior executives, married couples, college students, air traffic controllers, teenagers, nurses and everywhere in between. But they all share one common trait: they need a change. They are stuck, struggling, unfulfilled, or want more out of life. Many are very happy, successful people, but they recognize that they need help in one or more areas of their lives. Others are really struggling with a specific problem -- anxiety, an eating disorder, marriage problems, health issues, confidence, parenting...the list goes on. The thing I love about my clients is the strength they have to take a step forward to improve their lives.

my Clients

  • A woman executive who was dealing with gender discrimination and struggling to get ahead in a male-dominated industry.
  • A stay-at-home mom of four who was overwhelmed, unhappy in her marriage, and dealing with extreme anxiety and panic attacks.
  • A married professional who was "married" to his work, in the midst of an affair, and no longer enjoying much of anything. 
  • A college woman who was battling bulimia, low self-confidence, and an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.